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Bathroom Remodels FAQs

When you are considering about a refurbishment of your bathroom, there are various queries that come up.

Here are some of the common concerns asked and some helpful answers!

What is included in a bathroom overhaul?

A bathroom overhaul entails substituting one or more existing parts, devices, coverings, and completions in a room to give it a fresh look. It can range from fairly simple projects that update an antique bathroom with new tile or a fresh vanity to complicated several-feature jobs of the whole room.In any case, there are a few elementary steps you can expect in the majority of bathroom redesigns.

The full process of substituting all components and completions requires a bit of knowledge of plumbing, joinery, and electrics. Also, rules from your nearby building division may require the services of a licensed builder. You should consult with your builder or planner first to find out more regarding these details.

Is there anything I require to do before a bathroom remodel?

You should choose the components you want well in advance of your reconstruct. If the modes or colors are not accessible, it may be required to put off your overhauling until they are back in supply. Also, decide whether you want to do a full overhaul and discard all existing components and completions before the redesign starts.

Removing everything will cut down time on the reconstruction, but it will also require more storage space. Your developer should be capable to provide instruction on this vital query.

How long will the bathroom remodel take?

The majority of residential bathrooms are completed within 7-12 days after all work order approvals have been procured from your community construction sector and subcontractors are available for site meetings.

What is incorporated in a bathroom overhaul?

Plan to change your current toilet, sink(s), cabinets, floor covering and fixtures. The majority of bathrooms are being redesigned with tile or stone floors and wet walls today rather than sheet vinyl.

What is the most expensive sort of bathroom?

This is challenging to answer because the majority of bathroom redesigning prices are tailored to client requirements and likes. For instance, a master bath may be much high-priced than a small half-bath in an apartment complex. Bathrooms on the water's edge in Florida or Hawaii will definitely be more high-priced than a bedroom bath on the second floor of a Manhattan apartment.

One thing to bear in mind is that bath remodeling prices can differ notably relying on the number of rooms you are having remodeled. For instance, adding a master suite or a handicapped accessible bathroom may markedly boost your price range and price of construction.

How much will my design/refurbishment budget be?

Every single situation is distinctive, and it's not possible to offer a particular answer without knowing exactly what kind of changes the houseowner has in mind. Certainly, including a whirlpool tub or replacing an antique washbasin escalate costs significantly.

How many bathrooms can I have finished simultaneously?

You may want to think about having all of the refurbishments completed at one time. Frequently a homeowner finds it hard to find time to do multiple endeavors and nearly all professionals concur that it is optimal to finish all the refurbishments at once. This will ensure that your residence appears like one project, not several different ones.

Can I have just an upgrade instead of a reconstruct?

A less expensive option might be an "update" as opposed to a complete redesign. This might encompass changing the bathtub with a shower and refreshing flooring, counters, or lighting.

What should I do if one bathroom is suitable and another is out-of-date?

You can have two bathrooms renewed at separate times by picking either an update for the dated bathroom or a full renovation / reconstruct for the more fitting bathroom.

What is the most expensive component of a bathroom remodel?

In a remodel, plumbing fittings and electrical fixtures are usually the most expensive items. Bathroom redesigns can price out as much as $8-15k based on the dimension of the room and how many fixtures need to be substituted.

What sort of components should I select for my brand-new bathroom?

The current trend is to use tile or stone floors with moist walls. Storage units can be bought in a variety of wood finishes and colors, but the most popular resources are maple and cherry rather than oak.

What is the best way to choose bathroom accessories?

This will depend on the residence constructor (contractor). Many developers leave this choice up to the buyer since it is a matter of liking.

What are the most important things in a bathroom?

The primary aim of a bathroom is for the comfort and handiness of its users, so those factors should be considered first when organizing remodels. If added space becomes available due to other remodels (i.e., kitchen), then extra amenities can often be added into the design.

What are the most popular bathroom sink designs?

The most regular design is a standalone sink which has become very famous due to their clean lines and classic look. The second most famous sink style is one that is embedded into the countertop. However, there are various shapes and sizes of vessel sinks accessible for those who are searching for something a liitle different.

What are the most popular bathroom shower formats?

The most regular is a tub/shower combination succeeded by a walk-in shower and traditional bathtub. However, there is an increasing requirement for standalone showers due to the area they save in smaller bathrooms and their simplicity with the elderly demographic.

Does a walk-in shower contribute worth to a bathroom?

A bathroom with a walk-in shower will bring more worth to your residence than one with a tub/shower combo. In fact, several people are deciding to reconstruction their bathrooms to fit standalone showers when constructing new houses or for reasons of more convenience while bathing.

What is the optimal wideness and length for a walk-in shower?

Anything under than 30" wide is not recommended, as it's challenging to get in and out of. A 36" in width shower is usually a good wideness for many people. As much as length goes – the customary size is 5 feet, but anything from 3 to 6 feet long would be acceptable if you have the room.

What is the top kind of seat for a walk-in shower?

There are multiple varieties available, but most people favor the conventional built-in bench because it is easier to wash and doesn't take up precious floor space.

How do I figure out what accessories to pick?

It's simplest if you have your builder integrate the fixtures throughout the rough-in stage, but if you can't delay until then – measure your current shower head and faucet handles. They are likely to be standardized as ½" IPS (iron pipe size). If they aren't, numerous home centers will carry a conversion kit.

Do I need to stress about insulation?

Waterproof insulation behind the shower's water-resistant layer is crucial to evade a chilly, humid shower during cold weather.

How do I ensure the wall area from becoming too wet?

Too much moisture can impair your tiles and grout, leading them to wash away or shift shade. The best solution is to opt for well-designed tiles with effective drainage. For areas that demand more protection, you can utilize a drainage mat.

What's the best approach to seal tiles?

Start by placing rigid thermal protection behind the wall, install plastic moisture barrier over the insulation and then secure ½-inch sheetrock to it. If you are concerned about humidity from water spattering up from the shower base or tub, add a covering of plastic over the tiling before you install it.

What is the best substance for grout?

Grout joints should be below than 1/8-inch wide and no more than half of the way through the bulk of your tiles. Locking them and keeping them from gathering debris like hair, lint, and soap are vital to their long life too.

Can I set up new tiling over existing tiles?

For better results, take out the antique ones. If you can't get to a certain tile readily or it is too hard to detach, cover it with polyethylene covering and fasten it so fungus can't develop in back of it. Put on mortar onto the wall where your new tiles go.

What is a shower stall?

A shower stall has side partitions and a door, with a bottom opening that is even with the rest of the floor. The alternate most common type of shower—the walk-in shower—is sometimes called a "{curtainless|no curtain|without a curtain" or "uncovered" shower.

Is it favorable to have a tub or shower for retailing worth?

Bathtubs bring retailing value downward, showers upward.

Does not having a bathtub in the master bath affect resell valuation?

No, not in the least. If you do want to put in a bathtub and the home does not already have a bathtub, think about installing a separate walk-into bathtub instead of replacing it with a standard shower - you'll secure more for your money that way.

What is the optimal flooring for bathrooms?

Ceramic tile is almost always an excellent option for floors in bathrooms and other wet areas. The grout lines can be closed off with a coating that will help prevent mold expansion and water damage. Marble is a different good flooring selection for bathrooms. If the marble is treated, it can be utilized outdoors as well. With a refined finish, and appealing sheen, it demands fewer upkeep than different stone varieties. Stone slabs or pavers will persist practically forever but are not consistently very comfortable on bare feet (because of their rough boundaries).

What could you do with a poorly located bathtub?

Many elements contribute to deciding on the most suitable bathroom configuration, including the size of the room and if you wish to put in a shower alongside your tub or vice versa. You may be able to make it work by shifting your toilet, refinishing the tub, or by opting for an altered floor plan.

Can you place a shower in a room with no window?

A basement bathroom with no exterior walls is an solution. You will require establish sufficient lighting and airflow, or select steam fittings that can also serve as exhaust fans.

What is the most suitable material to put on bathroom walls?

You can apply wallpaper, but it's not straightforward to alter later. Wall paint and wallpaper coated with vinyl are less difficult to strip if you choose to sell your residence in a several years.

How do you develop more storage in a bathroom?

Put in cabinets and shelving. Utilize your walls, the roof, or a nook of the room for holding if you can't add a cabinet. A fabric shower basket hung from hooks is another idea and it gives a straightforward way to remove extra jumble while introducing decorations concurrently.

Is there anything I need to avoid when refurbishing a bathroom?

Don't try to do all tasks at once. It's better to have a bathroom that works well rather than performing something you may regret later. For illustration, if the plumbing and wiring cannot accommodate an additional shower head, do not add it until they are upgraded.