Why Would I Need A Roof Replacement?

There is only so much a roof goes through before it needs replacement. Over the course of a couple of decades (depending on the material) it’s age will inevitably start to show, from all the storms, wear and tear it’s gone through while protecting you and your loved ones. It might just be that time to do yourself a favor and call us!

SA RoofMasters has been doing roofs right for over a decade. We take pride in every roof we replacement and you can count on us to be available after your roofing project is complete. Your new roof should resist the harsh changing Texas climates. However, if it doesn’t, our provided 10 Year Warranty is here to help in those rare cases.

Will My Insurance Cover Replacments?

Most likely, they will! Replacements are typically covered under homeowner’s insurance policies. At SA Roofs we’ll assist you every step of the way. First, call us to schedule your free estimate. Second, notify your insurance carrier of date of loss and type. If you’d like, we can call on your behalf. At this point, a claim number will be issued. Third, the insurance adjuster will submit a report. This report will determine what is covered and what isn’t under your policy. If there are any discrepancies that’s where we come in and help.

Give us a call for a no obligation inspection!